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    [​IMG] IM FREAKING OUT! They babies are due thursday night or Friday (I'm thinking friday since I've been turning the eggs myself so that means three times a day their temp goes down. I don't know though. It's my first time.) Just now, I was turning them, AND I COULD FEEL ONE MOVING! I just held it for a minute, and held it up to my ear, and I could hear little clicking almost impossible to hear, and it squirming around. It better not be about to come out early. I'll put it back inside its egg and duck tape it in there. (not really)

    I got 15 mille fleur eggs sent to me, and I candled them at 2 weeks. 10 of them are growing, and I could see some movement in some of them.
    Their papa has got to be the most beautiful bird I have ever seen. He has, quite simply, the best mille fleur markings I've ever seen. I bet they'll do great in the shows, and I'll be able to use a few for breeding as well!
    Here's their papa:

    IM SO EXCITED FOR MY BABIES! I'll probably blind them within their first 24 hours with the flash going off in their faces because I'm going to be taking ALOT of pictures.
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    WOW, he is beautifull!!! And poseing for the camera! If momma is only HALF as pretty as he is, you will have some great looking babies! Congrats. Can't waite to see the babies!
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  3. Now I want one of those!!! what a beauty,
    Thats it, im getting some. Good luck with your hatching.
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    He is beautiful and good luck with the hatching.
  5. Kanchii

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    Thanks guys! Yes their mama is very pretty also:

    I'm going to start breeding these guys. I've been working on my website, though it's far from done yet. www.freewebs.com/blueribbonpoultry
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    [​IMG] OMGosh, I have to say that they absolutely look like paintings. Gorgeous. I mean stunning, ........ add those to my list. Keep us posted on the babes.
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    beautiful birds [​IMG]
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    I hear chirping coming from the eggs! [​IMG]
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    So one of them (the one I could feel moving yesterday. That guy must be strong!) has pipped! Unfortunately, it happens to be the egg at the oddest angle from the window, so i can't get a picture! Drat.

    3, actually.

    Ok #1) I just noticed there is some cloudy white stuff leading away from several of the eggs. I dont see any cracks, though it could be from something on the bottom, though I don't know why they'd be pipping from the bottom... What is that liquid? I'll try to get a picture if I can.

    #2) My incubator has these two little plugs that you're supposed to use to let out the humidity so that the hatched chicks can dry better. But, what if some of them still haven't hatched? I don't want to leave the babies that have hatched in there for a day or anything while I wait for all of them to hatch before taking the humidity away. Or is it not such a big deal?

    #3) THEY ARENT SUPPOSED TO BE HATCHING TILL THURSDAY! When I put them in, it was in the middle of the NIGHT on a thursday. So I wasn't even expecting them until tomorrow night. Yet here they are, starting to hatch. Well, one, anyway. The temperature has been between 100-102 all the time (these hovabators only function like that. it gets up to 102 and the heat turns off, then when it slides down to 100 it turns back on. really annoying.) and since its NOT forced air, that was what they were supposed to be at. I'm just worried that they are hatching so early. AND since they are hatching pretty much 3 days early, i rotated them THIS MORNING and added the extra water for the humidity just this morning. Haven't they not had it enough? Gah. I'm so worried... But hopeful.

    Thanks for any help.

    EDIT: moving these questions to a new thread so that people see them
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    what beautiful parents.............do post pics. ! how exciting for you......

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