I'm so excited to be a new chicken mommy!


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Apr 14, 2014
I have wanted back yard chickens for a few years and I finally took the plunge, and I'm so glad I did it. My hubby and teenage kids are just as thrilled as I am with these fuzzy little chicks. I have been using Backyard Chickens as a resource since I got them two weeks ago and so I figured I would join. I am from Donovan, IL, a very small rural town about 60 miles south of Chicago. I have found that chicken supplies are very reasonable in this area and we are working on a coupe and run now and trying to be frugal but it is so very difficult when starting out. Here is a pick of day 1 with our 5 chicks we got from our local Big R store.

2 brown leghorns "the twins" Anna and Elsa
1 Golden comet "Ginger" (we loved her so much we bought another) "Nugget"
1 Silver laced Wyandotte "Neela"
1 White Rock "Cracker"


We added a perch and you can see our little "Nugget" addition, she is a week behind.
Ok I think we are caught up for a minute. Hope to learn so much more.
great to have you joining the BYC flock

BYC has a very useful learning center

Nice brooder set up

Welcome to BYC!

Aw...your babies are adorable!! Great that you already put in a roost bar. I like to also get them started early and by 2 weeks, they are already roosting at night. Makes the transition to the coop really easy as they know where to sleep. You will probably need a bigger brooder in a couple weeks as once they start in on growing, they grow fast and big.

Enjoy your new babies and welcome to our flock!
Thanks for the warm welcome and the helpful suggestions. We did decide to move out of the storage tub and into a kiddie pool ( a idea I got from another members post) and it is working out wonderfully. They are running, playing, digging and jumping. Did I mention this is all taking place in my living room! Now nobody is watching TV, we all just have seats next to the chickens.
That is much better! Just be careful none of them fall out of the pool onto the sides out of the heat. I see a few areas along the edges where they might escape. You can stuff a hand towel or something in these areas to keep them from falling out. Excellent! Oh, and yes, nothing better than Chick TV!! I always brood here in the living room. Lots of dander everywhere however. LOL Enjoy your babies!

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