I'm so excited!


9 Years
Jun 28, 2010
Middle Tennessee
Got out first egg out of 10 BR pullets last week. They are my oldest at 21 weeks today. Then over the next 4 days we got two more. None of those were laid in the nest box but they were perfect little 33-34 gm brown eggs. This morning one was laid in the nest box I left it to encourage continued nest box use instead of coop floor use. Went out a little while ago and another pullet had just laid an egg in a different nest box and another was sitting in another nest box. It's really nice outside but every single chicken I have (24) is in the coop watching all the egg laying. They are so funny.
Congratulations…it is so exciting when they start to lay. Keep watching for floor eggs, one of my BR laid on coop floor for the first 7 months and on her own decided the nest boxes were better.

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