I'm so happy!!!


8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
Washington State
I just ordered my first brand new egg incubator! I decided to go with the Genesis 1588. Kind of a x-mas present to myself :) Does anybody have any tips on this kind of incubator? I just can't wait to get it!!!
I really like your avatar!
Congratulations on your bator! I'm using the same one for the first time and everything I've read has said just follow the instructions that came with your bator. Mine has been solid as a rock at holding the temp and I've only added water every few days. Have fun hatching!
Thanks GoldenSparrow! that is our little mare Penny :) I'm hoping that my old egg turner that I used in my Little Giant will fit in this new bator, if not that will probably be my next purchase. Now I just need our chickens to start laying eggs, it should be soon :) I have'nt had the best of luck with shipped eggs so I will just wait for the girls to get busy.........if I have the patience....lol

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