I'm so indecisive. Bedding for inside the coop, outside?

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8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Portland, OR
So I asked this question a few days ago and I don't mean to repeat myself but today is the day I'm going to pick up the stuff and I wanted to hear some final suggestions. I have a coop/run combination.

What do you suggest for inside the coop for bedding?

What do you suggest for inside the run for bedding?

One thing to note: I live around the Portland, Oregon area, so it's cloudy and rainy and nearly June... so we do get a bit of rain.

http://www.mtscottfuel.com/bark.html - this is the place I was planning on ordering from, so there's a view of their bark selection. Thank you.
I'm also from the Pacific Northwest. I use Nature's Choice pine pellet bedding in the coop. It's the same material I use for my horses. It's super absorbent, clean, and keeps the coop smelling fresh. In my smaller coop run, which is about 30'x60', I use saw dust. The chickens love to scratch around and bathe in it.
Right on okay. I was at the feed store this morning getting my chickens some more food and I saw these pine pellets for bedding but they were around the horse stuff, so I was a little confused.. thinking horses don't really need pellet bedding, anyways it sounds like the same stuff I was looking at. Thanks.

One last question: a 30x60 foot run, that's good sized, how many yards do you think it takes in sawdust to blanket that?
Pine shavings inside. Ground outside.
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