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  1. I mentioned this on FB when BYC was down, but I need to still vent. The beautiful roo that a fellow BYC'er graciously gave me, has become aggressive to my kids. I'm so sad, I really like him. When she gave the roo to me, this person did say that if for some reason he did become aggressive (I was worried about it), she would "take care" of it for me. I don't have the heart, or nerve to cull a chicken. I'm so thankful that she will do this for me, but I am so sad that it has to be done. He's the perfect size, 1/2 Silkie, and 1/2 Americana bantam, and absolutely beautiful. He is just fine with me and my husband, so far, which makes it harder. Unfortunately, he has attacked both of my daughters on more than one occasion. It seems to be more when the girls are holding one of the hens. My daughters have kicked at him when he attacks,(my oldest, who is almost as tall as me, actually kicked him square in the chest just as a reflex when he attacked.)Unfortunately, it didn't phase him. I purposely wanted a Silkie mix, so as to avoid an aggressive roo. I've thought about rehoming him, like on Craigslist, but knowing he is aggressive to kids, I'm not sure I would feel good about that. I'm just so sad about it. I tried not to get attached to him, in case it didn't work out, but obviously I have become attached, a little. This just sucks!!!

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    You are certainly in a difficult place and I feel for you. If you decide to rehome him, I am sure you will explain the reasons you are doing so. My husband and I practice rock a by baby rocking the rooster. Literally we rock the rooster holding him in our arms and rock in front of the girls...It really does humble them... I don't know why??? but get your husband to hold him if you are afraid to do that. Hugs to you for being such a caring person.
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    I'm so sorry you've got this going on. I would be upset about it if it were my roo. It is your decision on what to do, but I have a feeling you'll do what's best in the end. Good luck! And remember, even if he does have to be culled, there will be another rooster for you somewhere down the road [​IMG]
  4. I'm planning on taking him Sat morning to be culled, but now I'm having second thoughts. [​IMG] I can't keep him, don't want to have to worry about him getting my daughters, but maybe rehoming him to some adults? I don't know.. I really don't know about rehabilitating him. There would always be that constant worry. I've had to rehome an aggressive roo in the past, one that I raised from a baby, and that was hard. At least I found a really cool guy that wasn't worried about aggression, as he didn't have any kids. Maybe I'll find someone like that for this guy. Ugh, I hate dealing with this kind of junk [​IMG]
  5. Ok, so I wimped out on the culling for now. Just put an ad on Craigslist. I did say that he is aggressive to kids, and that I would prefer an adult home only. Hope this works.

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    If it makes you feel any better, I would let the previous owner dispatch him. She probably knew there was an issue and thought it might work itself out with a change of location. There are too many good roos needing homes to allow this little nasty to pass his personality on to your future chicks. Ask around, there is a perfect roo for you out there and he needs a home!

  7. The previous owner was, and is, really great in the fact that she said she would cull him if need be. She said she didn't handle him much, as she wasn't sure whether or not she was going to keep him, so it doesn't sound like he was coddled, or anything. Not sure she would of given him to me if he was showing aggression to anyone. Doesn't seem like something she would of done. She'd of just culled him, lol. (not that that is funny) It's just so weird, though. He is really good around me and my husband. I agree, no need passing on "mean genes", but I hate to think of killing him too. I got him to have chicks from, wich would of been very pretty. Oh well, I guess things have a way of working themselves out. Maybe I'll get lucky and find someone that wants him. If not, guess it wasn't meant for him to be around. [​IMG]
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    Hope you can find him a great home [​IMG]

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