I'm SO sad


7 Years
May 10, 2012
Today a catouhua dog broke into our yard. We live on a county road on 250 acres but have fenced in a small portion so live stock cannot intrude. This is where I have let out our six 11 week old chicks to roam during the day. People seem to think that the country is a great place to drop off their unwanted dogs. I heard my chickers peeping and went out to see this dog. I picked up a stick and finally got him out of the yard but he would not be driven away. I called my husband at work and he came home and lured him into the cattle trailor and drove him to the animal shelter. NOW out of my six I have four! There are no feathers and no dead chicks that we can find. I don't know what to think about that. The pasture is shredded but there is a wooded area that has brush and weeds also. It's nightfall now. Will I ever see the missing
two again???
My neighbor dog comes over we live on 35 ackers of woods and lake and we get all kinds of dogs come on our property we have lost chickens and pigs. I shoot up in the air and run them off . we do not have animal control out hear. It sure makes me angry when that happens . I know how you must feel.
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How sad. Even living as far out as you do, you'll find sometimes your predator problem is really somebody's pet.
just a thought, we have had problems with people dumping dogs off too, not so much now since my pups are grown and it's not a friendly place for strays any longer, but the animal control guy wants to know what dogs we see/get (that are still alive) because he actually does know alot of the dogs/people around, and wants to keep track.
Thanks for your kind replys you guys. They did not return so evidently they; in an attempt to escape the dog flew over the fence and ran back into the wooded area where even more preditors lurk.
They were such happy little girls until this happened! Now my other four are scared to even walk around the yard and dash for cover at the slightest little thing. That's the bad thing about having chickens. They depend on me and I get so attached to them and feel such guilt and remorse for not being able to keep them safe.
Same thing happened when a dog got into my chicken coop. Many hens vanished and some took nearly a week to come back. They are smarter than we think. I was surprised how well they coped in the 'wild'. In the end all my birds came home.

But, like yours, they were very frightened and the slightest thing would send them flying into the air again.

But, don't worry. After a few days they will be back to normal.

So lucky none got killed! Also poor little dog! I can not understand people who abandon their pets. All the effort to drive to a country location and let it go......just as easy to take it to an animal shelter.

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