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    o.k. here goes. I have an assortment of hens and roos, EEs, BOs, cochins, 2 barred rock, 2 black astrolorp, 2 silver laced wynadottes. 25 total. a friend just gave me two pullets and he told me they had mites. I looked and could only fine one on one chickie. I am keeping them in the garage but would like to get them in the coop. My coop is 8 X 12, separated with chicken wire 1/3 and 2/3 and I want to put the 2 new pullets in there. I dusted with DE which I know does not get rid of mites but I had it and figured what the heck. today I found a partial bottle of Poultry Protector and sprayed their bums. I thought I would check them in the morning and if they look mite free, I would put them in the 1/3 of the coop so the others could see them and try and get acquainted before I put them through the gauntlet (reestablishing pecking order). Would that be too soon? Should I get some poultry dust? and if I do, how soon can I put them in the coop? Should I clean out the part of the coop that the newbies will be going in? I have wood shavings and am hoping to start my winter deep litter which worked wonderfully for me last winter. Also another issue is that a few weeks ago I treated for cocci with sulmet because I couldn't find Corid. Well, I found it (a gallon for $100!) should I treat with corid? everyone seems fine except for one very old BO and I think she just might be winding down, she is getting thin. My philosophy is don't fix it if it ain't broke but maybe I should just treat the two newbies? and what about worms? I saw two worms WEEKS ago and nothing since. Should I treat with Wazine? I hope this all makes sense but since I have different types and different ages and I've acquired them at different times, I'm confused! [​IMG]
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