I'm Sooo Sad, I just wanna Cry! UPDATE! UPDATE WE HAVE A PIP!!!


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Mar 3, 2009
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I got up this morning and like usual, I went to turn my eggs. I open the Bator lid and the thermometer reads 81 degrees
, I panic and turn up the thermostat, but it still won't turn on, so I check the wires to see if our puppy got to them but no, so I open it again and just touch the lightbulb, and it comes on! DH said it must have had a mini blow out, but when I touched it it knocked the element together again! So I quickly switched out the bulb, and candled a few of the duck eggs, because they are easiest to see right now, and where there was a strong hearbeat last night, there is only a non pumping dark blob. all the eggs were pretty cold. I had chicken eggs on day 15, 10, and 6. Also duck eggs on day 6. I'm soooo sad! especially for the babies that were going on lockdown on sunday, they were already taking up most of the egg, and very lively last night!

I think I'll go back to be and cry...
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Don't give up on them .. get the temp back up and proceed as normal .. and pray.

I don't know if it's not dead until it's warm and dead applies to eggs, but I'd get them back up to temp and candle again before tossing them.
Oh I hate when things like that happen!!
I'd give them a little while too, let us know how it goes!!! Ya never can tell for sure they may suprise you
Seriously, I was following a thread earlier this month where there was HUGE temp spikes .. and a major cool down, and they still got chicks!! Don't give up!

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