I'm starting to see more comb and waddle, lots of positives today!!!!!


9 Years
May 7, 2010
My baby chicks are showing some more hen signs. This morning one of my RIR hens actually had some waddles! They're so cute. I picked her up and fiddled with them while she munched MY fried egg sandwich. After a few mouthfuls I set her down and examined a BR, and sure enough, little waddles are showing up now.

I know they'll lay when they're ready, but I can't help but feel that day is getting closer. I almost swear that a few of their faces/chins are really really red now.

more fried egg sandwiches soon!

My white leghorn walked by doing her shrill growl, as if to say "you better not pick me up fatso, or i'll poo all over your sandwich!"

My EE are so funny. I think one growls in her sleep. I snuck out a few nights ago to count them and I could hear her. It was a soft growling sound and came intermittently.

My wine-dotters are a clever bunch. The three of them have figured out that if they scratch up the ground near my leaky irrigation hose they can usually find some bugs... So each morning they cruise the irrigation hose looking for new bugs.

My barred rock that had the injured foot has made a complete and total recovery.

My lawn mower no longer leaks gas into the engine block (thanks to the installation of a fuel shutoff valve) and my little fruit trees look happy. I may even get a few oranges and grapefruit here soon.

Yes, I'm blessed. Chicken TV just makes everything rosier.

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