I'm Thinkin' About Giving Them All Up

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by the Old Rebel, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. the Old Rebel

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    May 12, 2007
    Hendersonville NC
    I'm thinkin' about giving up and finding new homes for all my birds. I love them so. We've had 10+ REALLY GOOD YEARS. But I've begun to think they deserve so much more than I can give them. I feel like I am NOT a good care giver anymore. I used to think I was, but now I think I was just deceiving myself.

    We're under attack by a %$#@ weasel or mink. Our first in our 10+ years of having birds. I thought we had nice pens and coops. But now I realize NOTHING is really safe.

    The more I read on BYC, the more I realize how bad a caregiver I've been. So much I SHOULD have known or found out before ever even getting the birds. We've learned so much the hard way.

    Now we have so many..... too many to take care of properly. Plus my 81-year-old mother with severe dimentia, Parkinson's Disease, and Diabetes II came to live with us last December. I can't take care of them and her too. My DH feeds for me, but he doesn't LOVE the birds like I do, so sometimes when someone is getting sick, it's days before anyone notices. They deserve better than this.

    Maybe I'm just too tired right now or something. We haven't been sleeping too well since the last attack from the weasel/mink. We sleep with the window open just listening and waiting..... waiting and listening. Nothing has happened in three nights, but still we feel like we can't let our guard down. I wish we could catch the rascal.

    Anyone in Western North Carolina or East Tennessee or South Carolina or even Virginia looking for some FINE birds to be pets or breeding stock only??? We don't raise meat birds. We've got chickens, muscovy ducks, guinea hens..... just to name a few. The turkeys aren't going anywhere. We plan to sell the peacocks. The pheasant and the two quail aren't going anywhere either, I don't suppose.

    Maybe, HOPEFULLY, I'll feel better in the morning. I sure hope so.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. debilorrah

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    Oh sweetie, there is no need to get rid of all of them. Keep a small flock of 4 or 5 and you can still have your chicken fix and keep up with it too!!! [​IMG] We ALMOST did things too fast for us too and I had a scare a bit there when we didn't have places for all the birds, but we backed up in time and everything is working out in just the right timing.

    Really consider a smaller flock. I don't think I could be chickenless.
  3. Rebel Rooster

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    Wait till morning! Don't promise away all of your birds in a hurry like this! I have to balance a lot to keep my birds and it is hard work but in the times that we're livin' in... we need to be as self sufficent as we can...
    Stay after the varmit! You'll get him! [​IMG] And you'll feel better in the mornin'! I'll say a prayer for your mom... and you!
  4. Germaine_11.20

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    Jun 6, 2009
    [​IMG] I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time right now. I hope things look better in the morning. If you feel like things are just too much then they probably are and you should find homes for some.
    But it sounds like you would really miss the chickens. Perhaps just keep a few like Deb said. Get a really large waterer and feeder and you won't have to stress if you miss a day.
    If you only have a few chickens you could specialize in one breed or opt for some fun and fancy ones.
    Build one really nice, safe coop or make yours safer. You could find some youth to help out or barter with some baked goods. "Will work for cookies"
    Church groups sometimes will want to have a service project to have the opportunity to give of themselves. Contact one of them.

    But even if you do give them all away, someday when you have more time to give you can get more if you feel like it.
  5. Big C

    Big C J & C Farms

    Dec 15, 2008
    Vernon Texas
    I hope that you feel better. Hope that you can catch the squrriley predator!!! Get a good nights sleep without worry at least one of you. This way you can help the other overcome.

    Above all, God bless you, your family and your flock.
  6. Bwaaak!

    Bwaaak! Out Of The Brooder

    Jan 29, 2009
    Woodinville, WA
    Oh my, give it a few days to sort out your thoughts. If, at the end of the third day you still want to give them up... dont. (IMHO) Its not that youre doing anything wrong or not caring for them enough. Predators happen. No one is at fault for predators invading the chicken house. We can only try harder to keep the chickens safe, and even then, tragedies can happen.

    Your chickens are your pets, akin to dog/cat people. You will miss them. Trust me. Ive had predators, have stoop to my lowest and got rid of mine when I felt so defeated, and then pined for them afterwards. Like the other person suggested, maybe just keep six or so. They will brighten your morning when you go out to feed them. They will smile in such affection just to get a glimpse of you. And at night they will cluck their contentment.

    I think weve all had our moments with predators. You will learn alot on this forum. Ive had racoons, possums and coyotes... not to mention dogs kill my chickens. I can only learn from these times and tighten the fortress. Most recently the hawks and eagles have been eyeing them. So up goes the overhead chicken wire on their run. You can only keep trying and learning.

    You sound like an excellent chicken person, just drained, tired and feeling guilty. Chickens love unconditionally. Once a chicken person always a chicken person.

    with regards, Barb
  7. Iowa Roo Mom

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Keokuk County
    [​IMG] Don't give up!
  8. whiterock

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    Nov 2, 2009
    I had a varmit problem 2 years ago!! a pack of coyotes DUG under the coop fencing and destroyed my whole flock of 15 Barred Rocks. I was so upset I went on line and found a guy who said " protect your pets from Coyotes. He stated taht they have an inbred fear of Mountain lions and the Mountain lion is a terratorial creature. he recorded a mountain lion scream and hiss and put into a small device you nail tothe brust, tree or whatever near the hen house. It goes off randomly after dark and you can change the volume. I have not had a coyote ( or mountain lion) problem ever since. [​IMG]
  9. bwebb7

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    Aug 16, 2008
    Brooksville, Fl
    hugs for you and your family skin and feathered!
    Just scale back a little. You need the birds like your mother needs you.
    Try to sleep and when the sun comes up, you may feel better.
  10. Germaine_11.20

    Germaine_11.20 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 6, 2009
    Quote:So can we get a recording and where? I have coyote too.

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