I'm thinking of buying an incubator...


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Apr 13, 2011
The Carolinas
I've never used an incubator before. I'm not a breeder, and my chickens are pets.

But I'm thinking of getting a cheap, small incubator for the fun of it.

Maybe get a dozen of eggs from a breeder or just try out some of my own.

That said, what do you think of this incubator: http://www.tractorsupply.com/chicken-equipment/little-giant-reg-still-air-incubator-2167379

do you think I need the turner as well?

It's my desire to NOT spend a bunch of money on this because I probably won't do this often.

However, if I get sucked into it, I might would buy the turner later...

And I have a lot of reading to do before I can get started!

Opinions, please!
No, no, no, no, and no. The LG works wonders for some folks, but for most, not so much. It has problems holding temperature and is very touchy and greatly affected by its surroundings. Please look closely at the Hovabator. The cheapest one is a still air with no egg turner, which is fine for a beginner. Check amazon.com and ebay. You can get one for around the same price. Save yourself lots of frustration and heartache and avoid the Little Giant. You will also need a reliable thermometer, probably more than 1.
Well, this incubator is a head ache for most people, but almost all the people on this website either bought one of this incubator or made one for their incubator. I recommend it for the people who are starting out. It is a stress sometimes, but with all the tinkering and coddling you appreciate the eggs that YOU hatched. If you go ahead and buy a fancy Brinsea, or Rcom as your first incubator you really don't appreciate the chicks that the incubator is giving you. Yeah it is always nice to see eggs hatching, but it is so much better to hatch eggs yourself rather than getting the set and forget incubators to do it for you. I have the Little Giant incubator, but I use my homemade incubator now. If you really wanna have some fun, make your own incubator, and hatch eggs from it. I say if you don't want to mess with the electrical stuff in making one, You should either buy this incubator, or find a cheap hovabator on craigslist. I have never owned a Hovabator, but have read enough about them to know that they are very good incubators. I bought the thermostat that the hovabator uses to put in my Fridge incubator, and the thermostat is amazing. If you get one of them though, I recommend putting a fan in the incubator. Here is a diagram for wiring the PC fan to a cell phone adapter.


Whatever you do, Have fun doing it. Happy hatching.
I started with a Hovabator 1603 and now use a Hovabator 1588. I love it! The 1603 was a little moody, but the 1588 has been a trooper. I have had dozens of great hatches out of it and it is humming away in the kitchen even as we speak. It's a styrofoam bator and looks a little battered (I can't keep the cats off of it!), but it's been great.

It costs in the $150 range. The 1603 was something like $40. The original plug I had on my 1588 failed after a couple of months, but the GFQ people put one in the mail once I called and didn't charge me. They were very nice folks. I HIGHLY recommend it.
There are so many things that can go wrong with hatching. But remember, grade schools get 25-50% hatch rate with a light bulb in styro-foam cooler or 10 gallon fish tank.

I use a Little Giant. People don't like the touchy temp adjustment on them. The Hova-Bator has a better adjustment. Both need a constant room temperature to stay steady. Once you set them with a true reading thermometer don't touch the temp adjuster again. Keep in a room without windows or heavy drapes like bedroom and keep your home thermostat steady in that room. Simple really. Quick searches on Craigslist in your area can usually get you a Little Giant for $30. With still air incubators set for 101-102 F at top of eggs and you'll have a great hatch.

Freshness of eggs, if eggs were shipped in mail, accurate thermometer, if you play with your incubator thermostat constantly and humidity are bigger reasons for poor hatches than what incubator you use.

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