I'm to close to them to sell one


8 Years
May 9, 2011
Altha Florida
Well I have talked my brother and his wife into geting chickens The house he got had a pen in the backyard he got 2 black Jersey Jiants from someone and he said to me Max he said Yes I said how bought me buyin one of your chickens from ya ok I said so we walked to the pen and he said this one no to young I said.. how bout this one no its my favorite..... this in nope best egg layer ill just hatch you some eggs I said Im to close to them to sell one
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I know what you mean. A while ago, I gave my brother, who lives in St. Cloud, 3 of my chickens for his family to have as pets, it just about killed me! And this was my brother too!
It is very hard.

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