I'm truly insane....

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    What was I thinking? We actually adopted a 90lb Malamute! In Texas... in June! Thank heaven the previous foster "mom" stripped out his undercoat when it "blew" in April. So now we have an Airedale (50lb female who rules the pack), a Rhodesian Ridgeback (85lb supermodel - pretty, can do basic obedience, but not a rocket scientist) and the sweet but untrained furball. Oh, and a geriatric Siamese who is quite capable of defending himself -- you should have heard the "THUMP" on the Malamute's nose when the cat gave him the ultimatum! Now DD is quite blissful to have "her" dog, that she uses as a pillow on the floor. Of course, he ate her favorite stuffed animal a week after he came to live with us, so she told him off, then told him to lie down so she could have her pillow back [​IMG] It's bad enough with the chickens, do I have to do it with dogs too?!
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    Aw, why the heck not! The more the merrier, and look at this way- you're saving them from the pound! [​IMG]

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