I'm upset,tired, and beat and in need of some desperate family help


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May 23, 2010
I need help, you guys. I have a 25 year old brother who lives with my parents and i. He is drug addict, an alcoholic, an aggressive person, and among other things. I have lost my brother to drugs and alcohol and i......i cant take it anymore. He was taking cans to go recycle for drug money cause he doesnt have anymore to buy it himself. I stopped him but in the process he pushed me, splashed gutter water at me, and called me a ho. But what is even worse is he said he has "stopped talking to me a long time ago." I just want a family that doesnt fight anymore. I am so sick and tired of it all. I hate living with him and i'm afraid of being with him alone. I dont want it to be like this. I've never had a close relationship to my brother and it makes me incredible upset. He has had so many hardships in his life but he doesnt want help and he wont get help. His friend (even tho he was a drug addict too) died cause of a drug related incident, he has had testicular cancer which is making him self conscious, and he was a father at the age of 16, and now the girl he once loved insults him and tells their child to not hug or kiss his daddy.......He needs help but i dont think my parents know how. My parents said he was suppose to get couciling after a previous incident but they never went though with it. He seems to get away with everything. I am worn out from getting this off of my chest so im just hoping one of you sensible kind chicken lovers can help me. Im really at a loss since i have no power in the household......i just dont know what to do.
There is nothing that you can do..
its your parents house...
Sucks..but thats what it is..
Do your parents know how you feel? That you are afraid to be alone with him? Maybe if they know that you are uncomfortable and frightened they will consider asking him to leave.
No words of wisdom... just

If you are still in school can you talk to a counselor?
Praying for you and your family.
There really is nothing you can do. If you are not old enough to move out yet, try to make some goals and work toward them so you can move out as soon as possible. As long as he does not have to face his problem he will continue to decline. Its unfortunate but thats how it is. If you can move out then you need to make plans and quickly work toward a place of your own.

If your underage and you feel unsafe or threatened and you cannot count on your parents protection because the threat is your brother then you need to contact someone to get outside help. Talk to your parents and let them know how you feel but be prepared if that does not result in any kind of resolution. Honestly your only option is working toward getting out of that environment.
If he has ever threatened or hurt you, you need to 1/ tell your parents and then 2/ call law enforcement.

I can't imagine what you are going through.

Dont take the pressure on yourself. He has a serious disease and needs help, you can not make him get help. I work at a hospital, and have dealt with this in my personal life. You can not let this consume you, you have to stay strong. Sadly most people with drug problems have to hit rock bottom to ever get any help and sticking with it is a whole other battle. Your parents are responsible for keeping you safe, have you spoke with them and let them know that you feel unsafe at home with him.

You could opt out. You can become an emancipated minor. Approach your parents about how you feel. If they don't want to help you, then help yourself. There are legal ways to get out before you're 18. I'm just saying...depends on how bad you want out.
Oh, my goodness, surely you are in an awful situation. I'm so sorry for that. How old are you? Is there ANY possibility that you could move out? You might be better off, even if you have to struggle to make ends meet for a while. If you do stay, my advice to you is to keep your head down, do your best in school, and as soon as possible, move on to college, get financial aid and student loans, live in the dorms and don't look back. Living at college is really good for people in situations like yours because it puts you in a pretty safe environment, where you can still be cared for a bit, but have more autonomy. It prepares you for a life where everything is not fighting and violence, and gives you an education to boot.

This will not be your whole life. Things will not be like this forever.

I did not have a pleasant childhood myself, so I can tell you this, when you take control of your own life, YOU can make it better.

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