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    I have a temporary pen while the new and improved and large coop is getting finished. In this pen we have 2 Silkies, 1 Frizzled Cochin (Bantam), a SLW (LF) and a ditzy and loud Gold Laced Polish. They have a small plywood box for a coop that is
    4' x 2'. They have just started laying (I am presuming all are girls - one Silkie is not shown itself one way or the other). I have placed varied boxes from dishpans to just cardboard and they either tip them over or scratch them and pick at them until they are useless. I have sand in there coop but have tried shavings. Nothing stays in the nest boxes.
    Today I rigged up a nice cardboard box - AGAIN. We are getting ready to make roll out nest boxes so just got my nest inserts last week. I taped it with Duct tape and put an nest liner in there. Placed it into the coop.

    I am so easily amused. The three bravest (NOT) girls are standing outside in the pen craning their necks around the corner to look at it; one on top of the other by height. They are making noise and acting very afraid. The Polish just walks past them into the coop and they are like - "NO, don't do it. Don't go in there!" She is like "What? Huh? I don't see anything." They are all cackling up a storm.

    Shakes head and walks away chuckling to self. [​IMG]
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    Ha they get spooked by just about anything don't they?

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