Immunizations and Deworming

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    Mar 26, 2009
    I will be adding chickens to my farm soon and am unsure about vaccines.The farm I planned to buy them from does not immunize their birds and says it's unnessecary.Not sure what to believe as I don't know much about them.When I asked about deworming they said they use red earth?I will be using the eggs to feed my family and I want to make sure I have HEALTHY and HAPPY birds.Anyone that could share their thoughts I would really appreciate it:)
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    May 14, 2008
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    Whether or not to vaccinate your birds is a personal choice. If you are worried about your birds getting sick, go ahead and vaccinate them. I don't vaccinate mine because I practice good bio-security. Also, I knew we would be butchering our extra roosters, and I didn't want any remnants of vaccines or antibiotics in our homegrown food.

    You shouldn't worm your birds unless you actually see worms. Red earth is another name for DE, diatomaceous earth. It is not really an effective wormer. However, it is great for keeping away bugs and mites inside the coop. It also keeps the smell down.

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