Impacted or sour crop?

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    We have a 2.5 year old Redstar that slowed down then quit laying eggs over the last month. We have also noted that her crop is massive, we had noticed a bulge from the front a few weeks ago but today I caught her and several other chickens to compare. Her crop is probably just under the size of a tennis ball. Last week it felt soft but enlarged(Sour crop?), this week it is firm which makes me wonder if it is sour crop(soft?) vs impacted crop(hard?)

    I have isolated her from food and given her access to plenty of fresh clean water. I attempted to lightly massage the crop but it feels too firm to have that be of any benefit. Is there anything else I should do for her? Should I try giving her vegetable oil to help clear it? Should I keep her away from food until the crop has returned to a normal size?
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    Here is a picture of our girl in quarantine. She wont take to eating the shavings in the absence of food I hope? I imagine that would only compound the problem.
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    Didn't notice any major reduction in size of the crop through the day. I will check on her tomorrow morning and see if it has reduced in size.

    What else can I do for her? Is massaging the crop a few times throughout the day a good idea or not? Should I try to massage the food up and out(inducing vomit)?
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    Thanks for the reply Eggcessive!

    Checking her out this morning, her crop doesn't seem much smaller, it is firm now, feeling similar to when a hen has just eaten but she has been isolated from food for nearly 24 hours. Reading the tips on impacted crops that you linked I will try oil to lubricate the mass and see if she has any luck passing it. I have a feeling it is a whole bunch of grass stuck in there.
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    Well our old Redstar is about the same, maybe slightly less distended in the crop after 2 days without access to food. I don't want to leave her without food too long so now I have mashed up some starter/grower feed in warm water which she is eating. My hope is that it is thin/broken down enough to make it past the impaction like the yogurt/water/oil has.

    I am still giving her yogurt and olive oil into her crop and massaging it several times a day. Parts of the impaction are loosening up after the oil/warm water/yogurt. I would have picked up white maggots to try that but our bait and tackle store is sold out and the other one doesn't carry them at all. Hopefully she will be better by the time they get more in stock.
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    I have a hen that is about 3 with a similar issue. when I first noticed it was hard. I penned her up and it softened but didn't empty. I have been try everything suggested for impacted that I can find. I was going to do the maggots but couldn't find any and read that they can actually eat the crop itself. I have been feeding my girl oil and water and yogurt and a little bit of layer mash. she seemed a little better yesterday, but today she seems worse. I keep her in a cage at night in the coop and put her in a cage on the grass during the day. Now I wonder if she is eating the grass darning the day! I don't know what to do. I'm going to try a cage not on the grass and see where we are. I am scared to do the crop surgery, but will if I have to.
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    Just an update - she seems to be getting better! I think she did develop sour crop but the size has reduced significantly, she is more energetic and eating/drinking/pooping. Her crop is about 1/3 to 1/2 the size it was initially and now soft instead of firm. We are still keeping her separated for the time being and mashing up her food with water and a bit of oil. Hopefully the rest of whatever was blocking her crop will pass and we can re-integrate her with the flock soon!
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    Jul 4, 2013
    That's great, I'm glad she's better.
    I would keep her away from the rest of the flock until her crop is totally back to normal.
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    Aug 24, 2013
    My year and half Buff Opp has what seems to be sour crop and possible impaction as well.
    My husband and I have been taking her to the only avian vet within a 150 mile range, we live in a smaller town and I do not believe we have a chicken vet. Our vet does not have much experience w chickens but he is really trying. Currently she is lethargic, is not eating but it drinking. We bought her into our house and put a heating lamp on her to keep her warm, this is night 3 or so. According to the vet he believes she has lost some weight as well. Honestly I believe the same. She turns her head up at food sometimes taking a bite here and there, she is trying. Our vet took a stool sample of what he could and said she had a bacterial infection and prescribed c-metronidazole benz 96 mg, .5 ml two times a day. Today I took her in and be removed a bunch of sour material from her crop. Ive read and read that sour crop causes yeast production and you have to treat the yeast which is fungal. I have purchased probiotics, lactose free Kiefer (sp?) and have stared her on a mixture of that plus honey and olive oil. I purchased Monistat 3 but am afraid to administer bc of possible unknown drug interactions. She fights us when it's time to take her meds so goes to show she still has spunk just not as much. I'm afraid she is gassy and uncomfortable, how should I relieve that? Ive been rubbing her crop as well hoping to help her pass all of this. He also gave us Criti Care powder to feed her but we just don't have the heart to put a tube down her throat so I add it to her Kiefer, honey, olive oil syringe. We have given her water w electrolytes as per the vet.

    Should I give her the Monistat now although she is on the other medication?
    Should I discontinue the c-metronidazole benz 96 mg, .5 ml and give her just the Monistat?
    Is there a way I can help her relive the gas in her crop?

    I have also read about alka seltzer working for sour crop and red wine as well. Can chickens even ingest red wine or will it hurt her?

    I've read a million things and contradictions for 4 or so days and nights. I'm confused and fearful that I will hurt her w more medication.

    Her poop is a liquid, white, mucus mess. Seems to be less mucus and more water and white now that he removed some of the contents of her crop. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow of what it all looks like.

    Please help I want to get my baby well again!

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