Importing from the USA to Canada? how to and what should I needed

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    Sep 12, 2015

    So me and my wife are young farmers with lots of land in Eastern Canada. We love the birds we have now, however we want to get some more for our homestead. With this being said we went to get some very specific breeds of chickens, however they are no where to be found in Canada.

    With that said me and my wife want to get some chickens from florida, and are not adverse to driving down these to pick themup ourselves, or shipping to maine and pick them up. Since florida and Maine are not on the avian flu list, how would we best go about this so I can prepare for next year.

    Thanks so much for all your help, i really appreciate it.
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    Contact the Agriculture Department in your country, they will have all the details. Importing chickens legally may be a pain in the neck, but is a lot better than being caught doing it illegally.

    I have to ask what breeds you are looking at? Some breeds will not do well in Canada.
  3. marcwithac

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    Sep 12, 2015
    We actually live in a temperate area so it's not a frigid place like one may think.

    I am looking at getting the following...

    spitzhauben, barnevelder, cream legbars and niederrheiner.

    Not only this I want to get some heritage turkeys. I know personal use chickens are allowed under SOR/95-39 permit 2. However just never have done this I dont know.
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    I live on a border town with Canada on the west coast, 20 minutes from the Canadian border. I find that they change the rules regarding chickens nearly weekly! Now I am talking processed chicken, fresh, frozen, cooked...but boy, it's such a hassle! When crossing with other animals I know you need a vet certificate of health for crossing. Some vaccinations may be needed. MOST IMPORTANT of all, whatever you find out HAVE IT IN WRITING. I cross the border at least twice a week and have seen so much!
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    I just did a quick search of your breeds and found Canadian hatcheries offering everything but the Niederrheiner...

    Legally importing is an expensive proposition that comes with a lot of red tape, especially now with the Avian Flu in the US...

    You might want to inquire about importing hatching eggs, it's generally a little easier then live animals but it's still going to come with a lot of red tape and expenses to do it legally....

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