Impossible buff baby?


yurkey crazy
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Apr 27, 2017
We have 2 momma geese hatching out like 20 eggs right now, lol. So far I have 7 goslings hatched and one of them is stumping me. Im sure it will turn solid white but I swear its saddle looks more brown then the others. We had another lighter saddled baby hatch that looks greyer than this one.

The issue here is that the possible parents are:
Embden Gander

African Goose
White Chinese goose
White Sebastapol goose
White Grey Saddleback Pom x Emden goose

None of them are buff. Id LOVE to have a buff goose but Im sure its just a coincidence. The only thing I could think of is if the Sebastapol had a buff parent or something, but I dont know. Its interesting for sure!

The truth is that white, or dilute as it’s called masks other colors, so some of them could be buff but are hiding behind the white!
Definitely might have to keep it and any others that hatch out brown-ish around until they feather out then, LOL. Thanks for the link!!! The grey saddleback/embden cross mom was hatched out as a yellow with a saddleback, when she feathered out she was almost completely white except for a cute grey patch on her butt! .... and then she molted and turned solid white, LOL. I'm hoping maybe someone has some hidden buff in them because that'd be cool, buffs are my favorite.

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