Imposter RIR---Breed? LOL

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8 Years
May 15, 2011
As some of you may know-because I have posted before I purchased 16 chicks fri 5/20--some RIR-BO-BR-SLW. Well a few chicken friends think one of my RIR may be an "imposter"
--she is is SOO MUCH darker than the others and her banding is different on wings plus she has black/green legs and feet. I am posting pics of her and what my other 3 "confirmed" RIRs look like (sorry not good webcam pics) if I can get better ones I will) Please let me know what you think. We are thinking maybe Partridge Rock?

PS I tried to upload--that went fine--but could not copy and paste--not sure what I am doing wrong once I figure it out I will post pics. But RIR are standard color--ginger/red with longer beak and yellow/white legs. Other is deep mahogany with shorter beak and black/green legs and big feet.
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Part Rock or Auricana? Dark Red Mahogany with Black/Green legs---
My RIR lighter coloring and lighter legs...
Thanks for the info on how to post pics...
So its an Americana or Auricana (sp)? Or is an EE it's own breed? Not sure how I got her in that bunch--the place I got her did not even have EE's that day..they were suppose to get an order of Auricanas but got the BR and SLW instead...I guess this one was a stow away....LOL:lol:
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Many hatcheries advertise Araucana or Ameraucana but, in fact, have Easter Eggers (EEs) that are sold as Araucanas or Ameraucanas. Then they ship those chicks off to customers who order their "Araucanas or Ameraucanas". When a feed store, pet store, farm supply, etc gets in these "Araucanas or Ameraucanas" in, they advertise them as such. So, people who buy "Araucanas" or "Ameraucanas" or even "Americanas" from these stores are actually getting EEs. EEs are a mix of a blue egg layer and another breed of chicken. They don't have any standards and are not a recognized breed.

It looks to me like the place you got your chicks from did get in their order of "Araucanas" and you happened to pick one out but it is actually an EE. Very cute.
Thanks for taking the time to reply...I was actually wanting to eventually get some EE's but didn't realize I would this soon...Actually I was the 2nd customer there that day of delivery--my good friend was the first...and there was a few birds in tank that looked like this one--but rest was BO--RIR--SLW--BR--and there were 10 Black Stars...they were to have a big order of Aricanas but they did not ship--maybe about 4-5 that looked like this I guess I got lucky...I just thought OH what a pretty color--and started to pick her up and she jumped in my I brought her home...Thanks I think shes cute too...

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