Improvements in egg color!


Aug 30, 2009
Mt Repose, OH
My Coop
After becoming disappointed in the results of eggs from purchased birds I jumped off the deep end and started breeding 3 years ago. It's become a life goal to not chicken shop much and to breed our own replacements.

These are Marans eggs from the first group we brought in.


These are the eggs from their daughters, after getting picky on which male and only selecting the darkest eggs to incubate.


Then of course if you have a variety that lays blue or green, you gotta make Olive Eggers too!


Now I'm waiting around to see what the pullets lay from this season... then on down the line as we work our way through breeding for type and function. The solid green egg in the above picture is from a pullet hatched last March, out of OE to OE.

It's amazing what one generation can change!

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