Improving Chocolate Orpingtons Tipe + Size.


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Oct 31, 2011
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Hi I got some chocolate Orpingtons but they are way to small and need some improving on tipe and feather quality.So ive decided to put the Choc Roo over some nice big pullets.

So this is what ive come up with.

Choc × Black = 50% Choc 50% Black(F1)

F1 CHOC × F1 CHOC = 100% CHOC (F2)

F2 Choc × Black = Choc 50% Black 50% F3

F3 Choc × F3 Choc = Choc 100%

Do you guys think this will improve them at all and do you think ive got the genetics right?
Well thats what im doing with my chocolate orp rooster. He is a pretty good size but I want to make a large fowl orpington so I am keeping him with a black orpington hen. The only issue is that he is a english orp and she is an american. But once the young ones hatch I will keep the most english orp ones of the largest size.
Well technically they are the same size if they are both large fowl. The american is just taller and has a more wyondonte appearance while the english is stocky and has more of a cochin look to it.
Correct me if i am wrong i was told that english have shorter legs than american one. That gives him his unique look?
I'm not saying it's correct in the least but I see a lot of breeders having 'English' orpingtons that have a huge cushion.

SOP dictates that English have a lesser angle to the tail than do American.

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