Improving flock genetic


Sep 20, 2019
So last spring I buy some local barnyard mix egg's and hatched them.. they all turn beautiful this are keepers.. My goal is improve genetic of my flock and get best chikens I can get.. Anyone's with experience I read somewhere about pelvic bones and head structure.. am really into gentic so.. I will hatched CHICK'S out of this babies maybe in March or April. But I will breed only best ones 😉


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You can generally work on one or the other, size or eggs.

The easiest way to improve genetics is with a high quality rooster. I had a barnyard mix flock that were laying well, but so light weight. I add a Bielefelder rooster. There was a woman that was trying to raise them, bought a very expensive dozen eggs and not all of them hatched, but the ones that did were all roosters.

A big improvement on the size of my birds with the next hatch.

Mrs K

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