in a bator dose the temp just have to be 100F click to read the rest

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    hey, in a incubator dose the temp just have to be 100F or do the eggs have to be worm aswell ?

    couse i have been watching video's on youtube of people with cooler boxes and 15/20 watt light bulb's and there eggs hatch that wont heat the cooler up to 100F and worm the eggs will it ?

    lol it confuses me

    please answer thanks

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    May 26, 2009
    The temperature in the incubator can safely vary from 99.5 to 101.5 and still hatch chicks (usually) The eggs themselves will be warm due to ambient temperature in the incubator. If the air is warm and the eggs are cold, they probably wont be able to hatch. Be sure to watch the humidity as well.

    Many people use different hatching methods, some work well, others have bad hatch rates. You have to do research and decide which way will work for you. I personally dont reccomend using a plain lightbulb to hatch eggs, but I hear it can be done with small success's here and there.

    Hope this helped! [​IMG]

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