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    Feb 28, 2016
    Hello! So I have 6 standard size chickens currently and we are going to be getting two Welsummer chickens and potentially 4-6 bantam Ameracauna/Easter Egger chicks (getting 6 to hopefully makeup for any roosters we may get in the batch).

    So I drew up some plans that now have been lost (ugh!) so I am going to be drawing them again today, but I went by the 4sq ft per bird rule and 2 sq ft per bantam and came up with a design for a rectangular coop that is 4' W x 9' L x 3.5' H and that coop would be about 2' off the ground with a run underneath. They are free range so that's not their only run space. Just for winter when they all don't want to walk around in the snow.

    Now before I start drawing up plans all over again, would all of my chickens be able to keep that kind of space warm in the Winter? It got pretty cold here this Winter and I don't want the bantams to freeze to death. Do I need to make it a little smaller or something so their bodies can warm it up better? We let them free range all day so the only concern is them having enough space when it has snowed and they are all willingly staying in the coop.

    Thanks for any help! I will post my coop plans once they are made later today to see what you all think. Hoping building my own is cheaper than buying one :p

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