In Memory of Ruby


8 Years
May 9, 2011
Ruby was a dog who showed up in my yard one summer day in 2000, dragging a heavy chain attached to her thick neck with electrical tape, hopping on 3 legs- skin and bones, obviously mother to many litters. Abused she had finally escaped. She died in the early hours of May 28th. I hope I did right by her. Please give a thought for Ruby and all like her, there are way too many like her. Q.
It sounds like you did right by her as soon as you took her in.
I'm sorry she is gone but I'm glad she found you.
Thanks for your kind words, it does help. Ruby has a cat, Teyla, who just loved her to pieces, slept whth her all the time and followed her around. She seems lost, running in and out of the house meowing up a storm, I think shes looking for her. Poor babies. . .they are my babys you know. q
So sorry, quets, my heart aches for you. But ya done good! Hope Teyla will start to feel better, it's hard to lose your best pal.

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