In need of assistance of the breed and possible gender.


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Jun 9, 2020
Hello, I'm new to Back Yard Chickens and chickens in general, but I bought seven chicks from an assortment, and I discovered the breeds of five of them, but two I'm slightly stumped. I ended up with two blue ameraucanas, two salmon faverolles, and an olive egger. The other two I believe are a golden buff and a silver laced cochin, but alas, other sources have lead me elsewhere and my head has spun in circles that I'm frustrated and refuse to wait because I am impatient. All the chicks are the same age, they're four weeks old. I believe ONE of the two is a rooster, and because the comb of the one I believe is a golden buff is larger I think it is that one, but I specifically bought the rooster from a bunch of chickens meant for meat, and I know golden buff are meat chickens and cochins' are ornamental, but aren't they meat chickens as well? I don't know. It sounds like I picked them, but I ordered all the chicks from a hatchery and they said they wouldn't keep records of what was picked, and this is part of the fun. I like not knowing what I'm gonna get and being surprised, but it's only a matter of time before someone gets frustrated. Anyways, I've babbled enough, here are the pictures.


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