In Need of Help with my first hatch

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by jrsqlc, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Dec 22, 2009
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    I am new to hatching and i have 3 chicks that should hatch on Christmas and 3 that should hatch the day after.
    The 3 that should hatch on Christmas all attempted to start breaking the shell today!!
    I have not heard a peep from them and they are not moving around in the bater.
    Only 1 of the eggs has had movement, and since it started to break the shell it hasnt moved any further.

    What is happening and what should I do to TRY and have them all hatch?
    I have heard that sometimes when they start to break out that they can drowned, do you think this is what happened since there is no movement?
    They all started breaking te shells at about 9am this morning, and its been about 5 hours with nothing further

    Please help me to assist my babys!!

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    Mine will pip the shell and then rest, without any sound, for 8-10 hours before they start to zip. Once they start to zip, it really doesn't take them that long to get out. Mine won't start chirping until they are zipping.
    If yours are hatching early, your temps may have been a little bit high, but that's ok, they sometimes come early.
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    just wait, and dont open the bator. they will hatch, if they dont they wouldnt have lived long if you did help. unless you see one zipped and drying out then you should help pick the shell away careful, and if you see blood stop and put it back. i have some now that piped the shell and didnt hatch for at least another 12 hrs. i know waiting is hard but the best thing to do is keep busy. day 21 for me is fri and my silkies started to pip tues. three are in the brooder, 3 are in the bator and 7 more haves pips. i am going crazy waiting. i know how you feel. good luck.........

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