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    Excellent points. And therein I think lies the answer to why someone may or may not have cresteds. My ducks are livestock first. We enjoy them but we have them mainly for eggs. I need strong healthy egg layers. I cannot afford special needs birds, or low hatch rates so I wouldn't breed cresteds. We have crested drake. We totally enjoy him. He lost his sibling at a young age from a crested related issue (seizure) so he is the only one we have. He seems quite healthy and robust- but we will not breed him. He is one of the few ducks we have that is a flat out pet (he doesn't lay eggs and he will not be bred). :) It just doesn't make sense for our backyard farm. So I am grateful for Kevin's info. It was that info that helped me understand why we lost the one duckling months ago and it affected our decision to keep our MoMo as a pet but not breed him. I never once felt like he was telling me I should feel guilty or bad that I had a crested. I feel empowered actually because now I know. Now the choice is on me but at least I have the facts.

    And I also have to say with the dog breeds- when we researched what dog breed we would settle on for a puppy recently. I DID look into health issues related to each breed. I did not make a silly choice based on only what the dog looked like (we looked at temperament too). We went through and picked the types of dogs we liked and then narrowed it further down by looking at health issues related to the breed. Because of that certain dog breeds were ruled out. (ruled out basset hound because we just didn't want the upkeep one required for their adorable droopy eyes and ears), no pugs (breathing issues among others) we not only do our homework with ducks...but that sole decision really brought to light how we make decisions on all animals we bring to our home/farm. We settled on a lively, smart, stubborn dog breed that does have some health issues (all dogs really do, you just have to decide what YOU can handle personally and financially) and we are thrilled with our choice.

    Be informed. Knowledge IS power. I like to be powerful. :p
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    I never viewed your thread as anything but a for your information intent, it's good for people to be fully informed on this issue. I don't think most know what repercussion can occur. It's good basic info all should know if they are going to get into keeping ducks. An informed choice is never a bad thing.
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    I personally really like what you are saying here and in the original post. I never had the idea that you were judging the owners of crested, just stating the possible issues. It is very important that people know what they are getting into. I have never had a crested and probably never will, but I have had people tell me things like its just the way the feathers grow, or its caused by extra feathers growing there. To much misinformation. If someone wants a crested duck and understands the (possible) problems and still wants the crested then that is fine for them. Hopefully people can understand here and not take more then what was actually said.
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    I think the REALLY important thing for people to know is to not breed crested to crested...I think THAT is where you get your neuro issues from.
    But..honestly..if you're stupid enough to breed crested to crested..then really your too stupid to own ducks anyways and shouldnt have any..
    Otherwise..crested make great pets.
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    I couldn't have said it better! Keep the little cuties, but for pities sake, don't even consider breeding a crested to a crested. Ever ever ever. Thats nothing but a death sentance for 75% of the offspring.

    Gotta love the duck fro though. LOL
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    I wonder why crested ducks have so many issues but crested chickens do not? Does anyone know why or has research even been done on that? Just curious is all.
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    That's a terrible argument for breeding anything. Just because someone else is being irresponsible, does not make it OK for another person to do it!

    People that breed anything without regard for health issues shouldn't own animals, in my opinion. They give their chosen breed a bad name. This is why it's important to only buy from good, responsible breeders who know what they are doing.

    I bought a purebred puppy this summer. You can bet I did a lot of research and spent a lot of time on the phone with the breeder that I chose. I bought a dog from her because she had good recommendations, keeps extensive health records on all her dogs and follows up with all the people that bought puppies to make sure there is nothing undesirable popping up in her bloodlines. She keeps an Excel database to track of all the dogs she's bred. It's too bad more "breeders" aren't that dedicated.
    I completely agree. I've never had crested, because I don't really like the way they look, but I had no idea why they had that crest. It was very informative and I didn't think it was judgemental at all.
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    Actually the hatching problem isn't so much part of nature, rather it's the result of selectively breeding them to such extreme that they now have difficulty hatching. Call ducks of 100 years ago didn't have that problem.
    That said I have no problem with Japanese Bantams, Call Ducks or Crested Ducks. Breed what ever appeals to you.

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    Your is possessive eg: Is that your car? If you want to tell some one they're stupid the linguistically appropriate phrasing would be you are or the contracted form you're. In my opinion before calling others stupid one should at least be able to use the language appropriately. Otherwise it makes one appear stupid.
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    Good read. Good Info. Great duck politics To All involved Its just like the election. . I choose now to leave it up to the individual whether he or she wants to raise,breed or keep these cute crested beauties. [​IMG]
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    I will add my 2 cents worth... Dogs... horses... cats... budgies.. Doesnt matter what you keep there is going to be something that CAN effect your breed of choice in some way. Some dogs breeds are more prone to hip problems... people dont stop breeding them. But knowing about the issues is the most important thing.

    Anywho...... For those of you that love them...are responsible with the breeding.... and love your duckieshere is one of the fellows i hatched this year. I need to update this fellows photos- he is gorgeous now he has finished his molt.


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