Jun 24, 2019
Hi all.
I'm new to chickens and have a small flock of 6. I want to breed my chickens, keep some hens and then sell the other babies. My question is, if I breed my rooster to my hens and then keep a few of their daughters, the father will breed his own daughters.
Is that common with chickens, or a bad genetics decision?

I like my roo and don't want to part with him, but I also don't want to have babies with issues.
Inbreeding is a completely acceptable practice in chickens.
Basically, what inbreeding does is it multiplies traits your chickens have, good or bad. It brings out the good and bad in all of them, you could say.
For example, if two Wyandottes were siblings, and you had single combs in your flock and they did not, it is still very likely that they carry single comb. If you inbreed, more single combs will result.
If they both have excellent tail carriage, however, they are going to make more of that as well.
Breeders who have good, healthy birds will inbreed for several years or more.

You are not breeding for the quality of birds, however. Inbreeding can go on indefinitely in flocks such as yours, as long as it is free of harmful genetic traits, many of which have already been bred out of chickens.

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