Incoming newbie alert!

Mrs D

8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
Good afternoon ladies and gents,

I have been browsing for a while and decided it was time to be sociable and join officially

My name is Lou, I live in the gorgeous Cheshire countryside in a farm cottage with the farm as our back garden, with my hubby and two teenage sons (both about to desert me for university again!) We have four cats, three pretty ginger Warren hens and our newcomer, a little rescued Speckledy girl (more will come about her in a question thread I plan to start later!)

We are relatively new to hen-keeping, having only had the Warrens since March, and having learned by trial and error are now proudly getting three eggs a day courtesy of the most spoiled chickens in Cheshire (despite my hubby's protestations he is as bad as me and has been caught making and elaborate mashed potato and mixed veg salad for the hens...

Looking forward to meeting other hen-fans

All the best


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