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    Hello Everyone,
    My hens are turning 23 weeks and I was wondering do the hens get more regular the next year of laying? My buff starting laying at 20 weeks and then the Plymouth Rock then my Barred Rock and I'm not sure if my RIR is laying yet. They were all born at the same time so their all the same age. I also have another Buff but she is not maturing with the other ones her combs and waddles are not nearly as big or red as the others, Is this common? It seemed like the second week they started laying my buff was laying every other day and then she stopped. She still is laying but not consistently. Any answers[​IMG]
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    Yes, this is normal. They will become more regular but will slow down when the hours of daylight drop to less than 14 hours per day. They will start up again when the daylight hours increase after the winter solstice.

    Buff Orpingtons take longer to start laying.


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