8 Years
Nov 18, 2011
why are my chicks (4 months old) not consistent where they sleep. and the time they go in?

1. the chicks started free ranging at 2 months. prior to the 2 months they spent their time in the coop that they currently go into at night.

why do the chicks wait till it is pretty much dark out before they try to find their way back to the coop.

when they do get to the coop sometimes they sleep just in front of the coop door . tonight i walked out and the one of the pullets that is younger by a few weeks was not in the coop. it was dark so i grabbed a flash light looking all over and found her sitting ontop of a scarp pile on the side yard . i looked into the coop with the light off and noticed none of the chicks were inside. looked up and a rooster was ontop of the door,roosting and the other roo was on the roof as in the picture:

A light on inside the coop would help them find their way home, or as some people do you can use treats to lure them in.

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we have one hen and one roo that are apart of their own flock and like to sleep in the garage. they are 2 months older then the other chicks ,they go in 3-45 mins before the sun goes down so they can see that its safe to go in for the night. not sure why my younger ones wait till dark to find the coop. i think an owl might of scared them tonight which is why the pullet was found on a pile on the side yard.
i tried putting a light in the coop for awhile but if the light was on when they go to the coop they wouldnt go in,they would sleep in front of the door.

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