Incorporating new chicks to 3 week old Sikie's in brooder - how do I do this??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chicks4erin, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I've seen a few threads where people add bantams to older chicks, but I have 4 Silkie's who will be 3 weeks old next Tuesday, we will be getting a BO, EE and barred rock next Wednesday. My plan is to keep the 3 new girls in a separate brooder for a few days to make sure they do well, then add them to the Silkie brooder. The lady at the feed store said it would be okay as the Silkie's will have an advantage to being a few weeks older and a little bigger and I could just put them all together once I get the new girls. This sounded good 3 weeks ago, but now I wonder. Will my Silkie's mess with the new gals?

    After keeping them seperate for a few days, can I just put the new girls in with the Sikie's or do I need to do the incorporation thing with letting them see each other for awhile? I didn't know since they are still so young if I could just put them in there without major drama/stress. Any thoughts?

    Sorry, almost forgot --- I've been keeping the brooder at 90-95 in anticipation of the new chicks coming, is that okay? they seem to be fine and not hot. I know you are supposed to go down 5 degrees each week, so the Silkie's should be at 80 degrees next week, but I'll have to keep it at 95 for new batch, right?
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