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    Jul 8, 2014
    Hi,wondering if anyone has used the incukit dc from incubator warehouse.i am tring to hook up the egg turner motor to my homade egg turning tray but I am having trouble hooking up the linkage to the motor shaft it not threaded and no way that I can see to adapt any thing to it.if anyone has any ideas or familiar with this please help me.
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    Jun 8, 2014
    Never saw one so I am just guessing at the many possibility's. The shaft sound like it can use a multiple of type females such as compression, tight fit slip on's, or set screw females.

    • Since this is a straight shaft (and most likely a small hand size motor), there may be a tiny set screw on the pulley/gear/linkage.
    • If not the shaft may have a flat spot on the round of the shaft (male) that you overlooked due to the shaft being (I am guessing) about 1/8 inch shaft. If so the pulley (female) would have a flat section in the hole as well.
    • Another possibility is that the gear/pulley/linkage was or is made a Teflon coating or is made of Teflon (plastic look) in which is would be what you call a "tight fit slip on"... it just inserts over the shaft tightly and a little super glue is a good idea work around.
    • Yet one more is that the gear/pulley/linkage inserts over the shaft and the tip of the shaft has a hole in the center, if so then find the screw and screw it into the shaft.
    • Lastly, but doubtful it is a taper shaft which is rare in small motors and mostly used in heavy industrial. If so there will be bushings and a compression bracket. Straight shaft motors of the industrial type can also have this type of bracket as well.

    Well that's about all the types I know of except the mention of the key way shaft, but since you said the shaft was smooth there was no reason to mention that one.

    In short there are many ways to hook a shaft up to a thingamuahjig or dooomuahhicky. LOL

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