Incubating and Broody sitting at same time

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ChooksinChoppers, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Started some eggs in the bator on the 9th and then a week later one of the newly laying hens goes broody! She was sitting on a golf ball so I took it out and gave her a couple of eggs instead which she has been sitting on 3 days now.....the other 2 hens have stopped laying because she is hogging the best nest box [​IMG] SO, I have to set her up a separate area now right? Or can she stay in with the roo and other 2 hens, even with chicks? and then what do I do with the other (hopefully 8) chicks from the bator, which will be a week (9 days) older? Do you think she would go for having them put under her at night time? Sure would be nice not to have to build a brooder as well right now..
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    I would take the 3 eggs away from her and give her back either the golf balls or give her the eggs out of the incubator. She will not know the difference between 11 days or 20 days. Candle them and make sure they are good first. If you want to leave the eggs in the incubator, let them all hatch than give them to the hen all at once. I set my broodies up in another pen so I'm no help with the rest.
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