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    Jun 18, 2009
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    I am a newbie with a flock of 24, 4 breeds. I notice that they all like to gather under the henhouse, even tho I have 2 shade trees. They like to all huddle up where the henhouse nearly touches the ground. I meant to close the area off but have been too busy. I am wondering if they will just lay their eggs there instead of where I can get to them when they do start laying? Also, I have only got space now for the egg boxes directly across the coop from the roosts in the windows. Was going to put them about waist-high with walkways from the roosts to the walkway that will run in front of the nest-boxes. Don't want them on floor because I have two permanent troughs 6" off of floor opposite roosts now (one for water, one for feed) that really work well. Will my plan work, or should I have them down low across from roosts like I have heard some suggest?

    I do not get to read this much so pls post suggestions to:
    [email protected] if that is not against this website's rules .
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    OMG, mod will be angry i think when read this thread. [​IMG]

    you should make sure the place that your hen you want to lay is quite dry and not full of dirt or wet. [​IMG]

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