Incubating and Hatching for first Time!!

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    Jul 23, 2013
    I am incubating and hatching duck eggs for the first time. I decided on hatching duck eggs as I always thought they were cute and smart animals also I have moved into a house with a pond and good land so it seemed like a great idea. I just received my fertile eggs through the mail by a great breeder that my friends and neighbors have dealt with as they have chicken farms. My first question is 2 of the air sacs came loose [​IMG]and was told to have them point end down at a 45 degree angle for the first 12 -24 hours is there a good chance it would re-attach? has anyone ever done this with success? also I have a Brinsea Mini with a automatic egg turner that I have been running for 2 days the temperature is stable and its really working great.
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    typically the aircell does not reattach, but I have had minor success with incubating eggs like that point end down the entire incubation. Eventually the chick gets big enough that the aircell doesn't have anywhere to move to. Usually though, if they've gotten beat up enough to break the aircell loose, the embryo isn't in much better shape Good luck!

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