Incubating and Hatching in Cartons, Day 20 AND!??! (PIC!)


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Mar 1, 2007
I've got a chick!

I wasn't expecting this until tomorrow...or maybe tonight, seeing as today is kind of day 21 because I set my eggs late in the evening on Monday the 3rd (which is why I was counting tomorrow, not today, as my day 21). But my husband got up for work this morning and yells upstairs, "you've got a P2 peeper!" (my Polish eggs are marked P1 or P2, depending on what pen they came out of) At first I thought it was just that the egg was chirping at him, but when I asked he said, "um, no, it's almost out." Sure enough, the little guy had completely zipped. By the time I got my son and myself dressed and back downstairs, I had one very loudly peeping chick bouncing around the 'bator!

And in the time it took me to write that, I've got a few more eggs pipped. Ready or not, here they come!

I set 48 eggs total, 30 Cuckoo Marans (some of mine and some I had shipped from another breeder) and 18 WC Black Polish (all mine). I tossed one Polish egg that had developed a blood ring, the rest have developed well. I also dropped one Polish egg while candling on day 17.
That was sad--there was a perfect chick in there. I know that there are several clear Marans eggs (the P.O. wasn't too kind to my shipped eggs), but I have such a hard time seeing anything in those dark eggs, unless I've got a an oozing one I let them be! So, I've got 46 eggs left in the 'bator. I set them all in cartons and every time I "turned", I propped up alternating sides of the cartons. I tried to mimic the angle of an auto turner. On day 18, I simply set all of the cartons flat, upped the humidity, and left 'em to finish baking!

I'm anxious to see what my hatch rate is, having not just hatched in the cartons but also incubated. I've been following the threads of those of you who have been using the cartons for hatching, it seems like this is a good "trick" for those of us using the styrofoam 'bators.

Time to get the brooders ready!
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Congrats on the Hatch ! I'm sure your hatch rate will increase using the carton method, I know mine sure did (37 out of 41 ) I couldn't of been happier.
Best of luck on the rest of the hatch !

It seems like everyone is having good luck with the cartons. It's certainly not hurting anyone's hatch rate, that's for sure!

So, here's my first chick of the year!! Boy, she/he's a loud little booger! She needs a buddy--c'mon little peeps! Actually, I've got several more eggs pipping--all within the vicinity of the one that's already hatched. They must be responding to all of that peeping encouragement!

Sorry the pic is so big, Photobucket is giving me trouble and I can't resize. For those of you that have bought eggs from me the past month, this 'lil guy is from the same pens. You can't see his/her little crest too well in this pic, but darn is it cute! These little Polish chicks are the best!

umpyLooks great! The carton method sure works for me. It was neat watching a chick climb up out of the egg and then out of the carton.
Awww! Now I really can't wait to get my eggs! You're still mailing my eggs, right?
Can't wait to see more pics. It will be fun to watch yours as we wait for ours to hatch.

I'm going to have to look into this carton method more. You're just putting them in cartons then tilting them with something?
Yes, don't you worry--I just finished packing them and I'm heading to the post office shortly--so they are on the way! I'll get better pics once I can take the top off of the 'bator. I've got a few Marans partying in there now, too. Thank goodness, the little "early bird" was mighty lonely!

When I get a chance I'll post pics of the 'bator and cartons when I first set the eggs. A lot of people lately have posted threads about hatching in the cartons, but I've only read one other post about incubating in them, too. I had so many eggs in there and I don't have an auto turner...when I started thinking about how long it was going to take me to turn all of them by hand (which is what I usually do, but I don't usually set so many eggs at once) I thought that I had better come up with a better idea then laying them on the wire rack and turning them individually.

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