Incubating chicken and quails eggs together???


6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
Hello my friends,

I by mistake put my chicken and quails eggs in the incubator together. Although i have put the quails eggs 2 days latter then the chicken eggs . I got mixed up with quails hatching period with lockdown . I put quails eggs 2 days latter thinking that they lockdown day will start at 16 days and they should hatch with chickens but then i read that they hatch at day 16. I am no so worried about the humidity issue as when its will be their lockdown on 14th day it will be 16th for chicken eggs and if i increase the humidity for quauils at day 14th it might drown the chickens. PLEASE i need advice.
I am in great need of advice here.
I have 2 maraan, 2 warrens and 2 cream legbar crossed with maraan edds in incubator and they are special as well as the quails eggs .
I hatched my pheasant and chicken eggs together last year. My chickens hatched on day 21 while my pheasants were day 24. They all did fine. I only had one egg not hatch out of a dozen.
Yes i am i cubating jap button quails eggs.Today is their 8th day into incubation and 10th say for my chicken eggs. I am keeping my humidity between 45 to 50% . Just worried if i lock down my quails eggs and due to increase in humity it will damage my chicken eggs who will still have 2 days to go into lockdown. Will high humidity before lockdown damage the eggs
Nothing to worry about!
I've hatched quail and chicken eggs together. Locking down the chicken eggs a day or 2 early or locking down the quail eggs a day or 2 late isn't going to have a big impact on them either way. The chicken eggs have already lost about all the water they are lose and raising the humidity on day 16 won't put it back.
If you're concerned about the humidity just keep it in the 60% range for lockdown. I've got quail hatching today @ 59% humidity, a little lower than I like but I don't feel like jacking around with it, and those little jokers are popping out like popcorn.

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