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Incubating Cortunix

Discussion in 'Quail' started by ThePoultryLife, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. ThePoultryLife

    ThePoultryLife Hatching

    Jul 18, 2016

    So i am planning on incubating my first batch of Cortunix eggs.. I have fertile eggs from my hen and i am investing in an incubator. I have been trying to find tips on my first incubation - i checked the main thread about it but it tells me it is personal preference but i am someone who hasnt ever incubated before so i was wondering if i could get a good, safe humidity and temp range to start with?

    Also any other tips about raising the chicks is appreciated! i have raised Chicken chicks before so i am not unfamiliar with brooder maintenance and such.

    Thank you~

    - Maddie

  2. weirdones

    weirdones Chirping

    Oct 9, 2011
    Greenwood Delaware
    We do dry incubation at 99-100 degrees until lockdown then we keep humidity around 65%.
    We also leave the eggs in the turner and turn it off at lockdown. We found out the eggs hatch the best and fastest this way. Last hatch all hatched within 4 hours. The hatch before that happened over 3 days because the eggs were laid on the side and got kicked around causing some to die still in the shell
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2016
  3. pkhunter

    pkhunter Chirping

    Mar 2, 2014
    45%-55% first 14 days. 65%-75% during lockdown. Keep the temp around 99.5 degrees. After hatch put in brooder at 95 degrees lower 5 degrees every week. Its hot here in Texas so I've been putting mine out on the ground at 2 weeks with no problems. When its cold I keep them in the brooder till 4 weeks old. I also grind their feed for the 1st week.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2016

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