Incubating duck eggs- a few questions

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jellybean, Jul 17, 2010.

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    I am making an incubator as I can't afford a really nice one and the cheaper ones don't seem that reliable. I've researched a LOT on here and everywhere else, but still have a few questions. I'm using a styrofoam cooler for this. How much ventilation is required for which periods during hatching? I've read everything from using lots of ventilation the whole time (if the temp stays level), to no ventilation for the first 8 days as this increases carbon monoxide which starts the development better. I'm not sure, this sounds questionable to me.

    Also, it seems misting every day from day 7 to day 25. It seems this is done after letting the eggs cool a bit. But many people don't do this. I'm not sure which way to go. Is it better to keep them laying flat? Or to put them small end down in a carton?
    It also seems like either way, most put the eggs small end down in a carton the last few days- with no turning. Is this correct?

    I've had lots of broody ducks and had lots of babies over the years that way. But I want to order a different breed and hatch some as I'm going to eat all 4 of my male ducks, and keeping just the one female.

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