Incubating Duck Eggs with Bad Results

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Grassman 52, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Well it's back to basics - Been tracking temp and humidity for the last 60 days thought I was doing everything correct.
    Targeting 99.5* and 30 - 35 % humidity

    If your instruments are not accurate it doesn't matter!

    When you read the incubation guide the first thing is check your temps with multiple thermometers - well I skipped that basic step and have been paying for it. The TRH 158 that came with my Dicky incubator is 2.5 degrees off (on the low side) - checked with a medical thermometer that was right on at 98.6*. I have been cooking my eggs - If I spike at 100, I have really been at 102.5* - no wonder I have been getting so many ducks that get to about 26 - 28 days and die. The ones that hatched have all been early - I thought they were Mules.

    I had great hatches with chickens, but ducks are not as forgiving.

    As we move into hatching season - please learn from my mistake - [​IMG]

    Now I am re-checking everything - Change batteries - calibrate hydrometer and thermometers

    On the bright side I do have 12 cute little ducks that hatched as I go through my learning curve.

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