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    this is my first hatch and im n day 10 im candling them and i dont really know what im seeing or what i should be seeing, so my question is what will a i be seeing on day 10.[​IMG]

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    It really will depend on how bright your light is and how dark an area your in candling. At 10 days you'll see a mass in worst case lighting if you can see through the sell at all. With excellent lighting and dark room you'll see large area that may or may not move about for you and a lot of veins. If the egg is clear then it was either not fertile or perished in first few days.

    Let me find the sticky on candle progression...

    Informative "sticky" threads can be found for each forum. Click the forum (left side of screen areas of interest i.e. Incubating and Hatching) then at top of the threads list will be a ink to stickies for that thread. Best posts throughout the years have been relegated to stickies and really cover a lot of useful info.
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    Welcome to BYC! @help401 [​IMG] see if this helps you..... also see the hatching 101 link in my signature for more incubation info.,

    Day 10 Candles post #1261 post #2

    psss...... here are links from our thread which you can jump on any time! INCUBATING w/FRIENDS! come hatch, learn, Chat, Meet new Friends!

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