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May 15, 2011
bronson, fl
i have 6 saxony duck eggs that i am going to incubate in the next day or so. i have only delt with chicken eggs before so i am not quite sure how to do it with duck eggs. how long does it take and what is the temp and humidity that these eggs should get? what day is lock down? and any other advice on how to make this a sucessful hatch would be great. i love tips and pointers
I am not positive on saxony but "most" breeds are 28 days for incubation, and I keep my temps at 99.5 and humidity at 55% until lockdown which is at day 25. I drop my temp to about 97 with humidity between 70%-75%... I'm on lockdown for my 2nd batch so hopefully someone with more experience can help with more tips than I can.
I have never hatched saxony ducks before. Most ducks are 28 days but my BEI's always seem to hatch on days 26 but they are considered a bantam breed. Temps, I use 99.5 day 1-24 humidity 55%. lock down I raise humidity to 70% and lower temps to 98 degrees. Good luck.

My seller suggested 50~55% humidity for the first 1-24 days and 80%~85% for 25~28 (lockdown).
The seller raises Saxony ducks so I'm pretty sure that this is reliable information. I'm on day 24 and mine are developing very nicely.

Here are some photos of my seller's (katharina on ebay) Saxony ducks:


I really loved how they looked and fell in love with them in an instant.

Good luck with yours!!

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