Incubating eggs?

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    Mar 29, 2015
    Hey everyone I have been on this site numerous times and found it helpful, so I made an account! Anyways I have one hen and one rooster with a hand built coop I built myself. The eggs get fertilized all the time and I was considering hatching some baby chicks to sell and give to my friends. Here are some of my questions: How many eggs should you incubate at a time? What should I feed them when they hatch? How often do you turn the eggs? Any answers to these questions would be extremely helpful!
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    Hi & [​IMG]! You can go to the Learning Center and go to hatching and raising baby chicks and it will answer your questions and is a good place to start. You can store eggs you want to hatch (while you gather more) for up to 7 days but, they need to be stored between 45 degs. - 65 deg. F and turned daily, several times daily if possible. You can store them longer but hatchability drops. Not all eggs you incubate will hatch every time so, put several eggs in the incubator so, you won't have any lone chicks hatching.

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