Incubating Fair Display Eggs - due to hatch 10/31


Big Pippin'
11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
Elizabethtown, NC
We entered a dozen of our big, brown Buff Orpington eggs in the county fair and they were on display for 10 days. The eggs were collected over a 4-5 day period, making them approx. 2 weeks old. As an experiment, we decided to incubate them to see if any would hatch. Keep in mind that they were transported about 35 mins to the fair, set on display & handled by the judges, not turned or kept at a constant temperature, and then transported back home 35 mins. I guess this is the closest to a shipping simulation we can get. We placed some fresh "control" eggs in the incubator with them. Now, let's see if any hatch.

Oh, our brown eggs took 1st in their category over 2 other dozen.
Congrats on the 1st place!!! And I bet they will do just fine. You may not get 100% hatch rate or anything, but I bet you will get at least a few. What a cool experiment!

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