Incubating first time what are proper temp & humidity???

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    Greetings BYC friends I wanted to incubate my own eggs so I searched on youtube how to make my own incubator. After looking at tons of videos the search was on to find a cooler big enough where I could fit an egg turner into. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any styrofoam coolers big enough. I did however found styrofoam boards at Lowe's so I bought a pack and have made my own incubator using the boards and lots of duck tape lol. My biggest problem is trying to set the right temp/humidity. I have used light bulbs from 25 watts up 60 watts and either the temp/humidity is too high or too low. Please help. From ya'lls experiences what would be the lowest/highest temperatures and humidity levels acceptable for incubating. Also I read a lot on here about putting the incubator on lock down what exactly does that mean? Sorry for all the questions I just didn't know where else to go for answers and BYC seems like the perfect place to ask.
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    The learning center at the top of the page is your best bet. There is just too much info for me to type it all out LOL!!

    Go take a look at the learning center, and when you have specific questions, we will be all over it.

    Humidity should be around 55-65% for the first 18 days.
    Humidity should be 70-80% for days 18-hatch.
    Lockdown is when you stop turning the eggs, and increase humidity at day 18. DO NOT OPEN THE INCUBATOR after day 18, until hatching is complete.
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    Hi Ventura974! Welcome to Backyard Chickens! [​IMG]

    The proper temperature depends on whether you have a fan or not.

    For incubators with fans ~ 99.5 - 100 F is a good temperature. Don't go over 100 F, and

    don't go below 98 F.

    For incubators with-out fans - 101 F - 102 F is good. Do not go under 99 F, and do not go

    over 103 F. Ofcaorse, if somthing happens and it does stray over or below what I recommened,

    it's not going to kill all your eggs on the spot, but it may cause an early or late hatch.

    - If temperatures are too high, it speeds development. If temperatures are too low, it slows development-

    Humidity should be around

    40-50 % - From days 1 - 18


    60 - 80 % - From day 18 (lockdown) - Till you get fuzzy butts.

    Some people have better luck with higher humidity, some with lower, it depends on the humidity

    where you live. Just fiddle with it a bit (Staying with-in whats recommended) and see what works

    best for you. [​IMG]

    'Lockdown' occurs on the 18 th day of incubation. It's when you up the humidity, stop turning the

    eggs, remove the egg turner if you have one, and keep the incubator closed.

    Happy Hatching~

    - Becca
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    Thanks for your suggestions so far guys I will definitely check out the learning center section above and jot down some notes. I will be back with more questions as the time goes on.

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