Incubating Guinea Eggs


Jun 15, 2022
Greetings! 😃

I am incubating Guinea eggs for the first time and I keep getting conflicting information on what temperature and what humidity level to incubate them in for the first 25 days and then what temp and humidity for lockdown.

I am in Northern California; only about 269 feet above sea level and the area I am in is hot and dry, very little humidity. I was reading that where you are can determine what to set incubator at.

Thank you in advance for anyone who is able to provide me this information 😃
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Where I am is very dry part of the year and very humid at other times. We always set at the same temperature 99.5F and run the humidity between 35-45% for non-waterfowl eggs. "Dry hatching" doesn't work well for us when our ambient humidity is below 35%.

Good luck with your hatch!

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